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Tribal Festival

"Aadi Parab"

(Tribal Cultural Festival of Chhattisgarh)

Financial Year: 2009-10

Tribal Cultural Festival was organized in Raipur from 19.02.2010 to 21.02.2010 by the institute with 100% grant from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

In which lecture of national level subject experts, exhibition of photographs based on tribal life, documentary film screenings on tribal life and dance of Oraon, Pahari Korwa, Birhor, Gond, Baiga, Kamar, Dandami Madia, Muria, and Abujhmadia tribes and Song based programs were organized.

"National Tribal Festival"

Financial Year: 2016-17

Participated in the 04-day tribal festival held in New Delhi with Dhurwa, Dandami Madia and Baiga dancers, wood performers and traditional practitioners of the state.

"Participation in Chhattisgarh tribal festival"

Financial Year: 2017-18

By the government of chhahtisgarh from 10 to 11 of december 2017 cg tribal festival was organised on the occassion of martyrdom day of the state's first tribal freedom struggle fighter Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. In this festival tribal community of the state as well as outside the state participated in the symposium based on tribal subjects.

Special literary guests from outside the state were invited to the literary conference for a special lecture by the researchers of the state and nearby states, and a total of 72 research papers were sent to the institute for presentation, in which the booklet of the above summaries was published.

"Participation in World Tribal Day"

Financial Year: 2018-19

Dancing group from tribal areas were presented on 09.08.2019.